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Alcatel-Lucent's OmniAccess APs function as “thin” APs. Upper layer media access control (MAC) processing functions such as encryption and authentication are integrated into OmniAccess WLAN switches, making OmniAccess APs cost-effective and simple to deploy and manage. OmniAccess APs can simultaneously service wireless users and act as wireless monitoring devices. This eliminates the need for a separate overlay of RF sensors to troubleshoot and optimize the wireless environment.

OmniAccess APs work with the OmniAccess 6000, OmniAccess 4324, OmniAccess 4308, OmniAccess 4304 and OmniAccess 4302 to provide a high performance, centrally managed wireless mobility solution for enterprises. OmniAccess APs automatically configure themselves across any L2/L3 network using a discovery protocol, allowing easy upgrades when new features, capabilities, or standards emerge and increasing their life span.


  • Thin AP Architecture
    • Access points (APs) are “thin” APs that provide 802.11a/b/g user access, but are not overburdened with processing-intensive functions
    • Administrators have greater control over the entire system including better scalability, higher performance, and easier system-wide changes as standards and security schemes change.
    • Better support for roaming and low-latency (sub 5 millisecond) handoffs between APs
  • Zero Configuration, Plug-and-Play Deployment
    • OmniAccess APs are completely plug-and-play, requiring no manual configuration
    • OmniAccess APs can be attached to any existing Ethernet switch or IP router and across any subnet boundary
    • The WLAN switch automatically configures each OmniAccess AP based on the policies and configurations set by the administrator
  • Unparalleled Security
    • As an air monitor, the OmniAccess APs deliver 100 Mbps of intrusion analysis
    • OmniAccess APs detect and thwart rogue APs and wireless intrusions
    • No critical configuration information – such as passwords, encryption keys, or digital certificates
    – is stored on the APs. If APs are lost or stolen, no sensitive information can be obtained.
  • Secure Remote Office Deployment
    • APs can be securely deployed in a remote office letting network managers easily extend their corporate 802.1X framework across the Internet.
    • Tunneling traffic inside IPSec prevents an attacker from intercepting messages between the switch and AP, allows APs to be deployed across an un-trusted network, and enables AP to be deployed with a network address translation (NAT) device between the AP and switch
    • Remote office security policies are centrally defined and enforced


  • OmniAccess APs work in conjunction with the WLAN switches to support voice-aware scanning
  • When a voice session is detected, this feature ensures that the voice call is given priority service
  • Setting user thresholds per AP, defining and enforcing bandwidth contracts per user or user group, and the ability to broadcast up to eight discrete SSIDs per radio
  • Granular controls over the APs let administrators enable AP and client DoS protection, set channel scan times and frequencies and control beacon periods, RTS thresholds, SSID availability, DTIM periods, and maximum client levels

The OmniAccess family of next generation, multi-purpose access points (APs) is designed to meet the needs of any enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) deployment.